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World No.1 Serena Williams says she is `beatable`

World No.1 Serena Williams says she is `beatable`

World No.1 Serena Williams says she is `beatable`
Johannesburg: World No.1 Serena Williams has denied that there is a widening gulf between her and the other leading players after she won her tenth title of the year by beating Jelena Jankovic in the China Open final on Sunday, and that she is beatable.

The power-hitting American has had another season of domination, being confirmed as the top ranked year-end player last month, when she also become the first women to win more than 9 million dollars in a season.

However, the 32-year-old said the other top-ranked women`s players were still challenging her.

She said that everyone was beatable at some point and she knew that she was, adding that everyone is a threat and she does not feel she is above anyone but it is just that she is playing and doing the best she can.

Serena said that she was happy she was working hard to be the best right now but soon it will be someone else.

Williams is on a career total of 56 titles with 17 major wins, the report said.

She became only the fifth women to hold all four Grand Slam titles simultaneously at the 2003 Australian Open, and has finished the year at number one previously in 2002 and 2009, the report added.

When she arrived in Beijing last week, Williams said was not the greatest ever women`s player, but that she was maybe top five.

Serena said that she is definitely being challenged, adding that she was able to come back from being set points down on a few occasions and just got lucky.

Williams also said that she not vulnerable to winning but she just goes out there focused every time.

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