Thursday, 31 January 2013

Our dear dear green Eagles of Nigeria

I was particularly chagrined by the statement that allegedly came from Steven Keshi saying that the present  green eagles team can be compared to the super eagles’ team of ’94.
The statement begs the question “in what way?”
Player for player, Team play, commitment etc, etc and even more etc, the present team can’t hold a candle to the ’94 squad.
How do you begin to compare an Enyeama with a Rufai, an Echiejile with an Iroha, an Emenike with a Yekini, a Musa with a Finidi, or a Mikel with an Okocha?
I know I know, you Chelsea fans and Mikel loyalists might not agree with my assertion but a random pole on this blog should settle the arguments; so with reasons, please send in your comments on what you think on this subject and …  

Nigerian football!!!!!!!!!!

‘Seeing is believing’ is what people say (although I don’t belong to that school of thought); but how do you expect me to believe (even though I have seen) that the green eagles of Nigeria could not top the group that comprised of Bukina Faso, Zambia and Ethiopia. msheeeeww
Now we are condemned to face Cote d’ ivoire in the quarter finals; yee! 

The elders will tell you that “when you see a pregnant snake, u can automatically tell that its offspring will be long”.
We that had to struggle to beat ETHIOPIA, is it Ivory Coast we’ll beat?

Anyway, all I can do is pray for a miracle cos only a miracle can give us victory but then miracles can only work for those who believe in it.
Question – Can the green eagles even dare to believe that a miracle can occur? I absolutely think not.

In the light of this, I have some predictions to make –

·          There will be weeping; but hopefully no gnashing of teeth

·         Ivory Coast will have all the possession

·         We probably may not even see their goalie

·         The goal margin will be small but we will still be disgraced

Need I go on and on?
My advice is – don’t get ur hopes up OR ELSE