Monday, 14 October 2013

Enyeama calls for goal line technology after howler

Enyeama says that goal-line technology would have vindicated him
The Nigeria goalkeeper insists that the lone Ethiopian goal in Sunday’s qualifier was a poor call which would not have stood if there was access to goal line technology
By Lolade Adewuyi in Addis Ababa
Goalkeeper Vincent Enyeama has said that goal-line technology would have resolved the embarrassing goal that he conceded against Ethiopia in Nigeria's 2-1 victory in Sunday’s first leg 2014 World Cup play-off game in Addis Ababa.
Walia Antelopes' midfielder Behailu Assefa scored in bizarre fashion as Enyeama caught his deep left-wing cross after the ball had the crossed the line.
Enyeama said that Assefa’s goal should not have stood.
“From my position it wasn’t a goal and I’m still very surprised the referee called it a goal because he wasn’t even on my line. He was metres away. I’m surprised also that the second linesman called for a goal,” Enyeama told the media.
“I’ll go back to see it on video but it still boils down to the goal-line technology thing. I don’t know what to say but it wasn’t a goal from my own perspective.”
Early in the first half, Nigeria defender Godfrey Oboabona made a goal line clearance from Saladin Said’s shot which the home team had begun celebrating before referee Neant Alioum adjudged it had not crossed the line.
“[The first one] wasn’t a goal also. There’s a difference when the video is on the line of the goal. [Oboabona] pulled the ball out almost on the line,” Enyeama defended his team mate.
Fifa will introduce goal line technology at next year’s World Cup but it’s not yet known how soon African countries will adopt it. Nigeria will host the return leg in Calabar next month. ------------------------

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