Tuesday, 17 December 2013

United`s Fletcher back to soccer after surgery

United`s Fletcher back to soccer after surgery

United`s Fletcher back to soccer after surgery
London: Manchester United midfielder Darren Fletcher said after his return to the field, he did not know whether he would be able to live normally again as he battled with a debilitating medical condition.

Fletcher has fought to recover from ulcerative colitis, an extreme condition affecting the colon, for several years before making his latest comeback in United`s 3-0 win at Aston Villa Sunday, reported Xinhua.

Fletcher had already received two operations in the hope of finding a way of managing the condition without success.

As he prepared for a third operation, he was more concerned with how he would cope with the rest of his life rather than his soccer career.

"There was a day in May when we said `this is it`. Once I came out of that operation I would know whether it had worked or not," he said.

"There were no guarantees. If the operation was not a success there was no way I would be able to play football and my everyday life would have been very difficult.

The surgery was a success and Fletcher played at Villa Park Sunday, being introduced as a second-half substitute as his team cruised to victory in the Premier League fixture.

"I am back to normal. I do not have ulcerative colitis. I am back playing football in the Premier League," he said.
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