Thursday, 21 November 2013

'They got the job done' - Goal readers react to Super Eagles World Cup place

'They got the job done' - Goal readers react to Super Eagles World Cup place
A cross section of Nigerian football fans bare their minds on how high the Super Eagles will fly at the Brazil 2014 Fifa World Cup
As accolades, backslapping and beautiful adjectives continue to pour in over the Super Eagles victory over the Walia Antelopes of Ethiopia –making them the 22nd country to qualify for the Brazil 2014 Fifa World Cup, some Nigerians are quick to point out that more still needs to be done tactically by Stephen Keshi  in team selection if Nigeria hopes of a better outing in Pele’s country.
In a random selection of tweets sent to the @GoalcomNigeria handle, some followers are of the opinion that should the African champions put up an impressive outing like they did against Sewnet Bishaw’s side on Saturday in Brazil, then a first round exit is certain.
Despite demonstrating his unflinching support for the Super Eagles in the duration of the game thanks to his inspiring tweets, he feels Keshi's team should be given a pass mark for caging the East Africans despite their ‘not impressive’ performance. “The Super Eagles were on point. Though they put up an uninspiring display, the most important thing was that they got the job done. Up Eagles! Congrats 9ja,” wrote @obabatundedavis.
Martins Oyekanmi is of the opinion that the SUper Eagles have got what it takes to be crowned world champions but pointed out the fact that hard work should be the watchword else they get bounced out in the first round. “With this current form of Eagles, first round elimination is certain , but if we can work harder, we’ll lift the World Cup,” wrote @Martinn_King

Though a staunch supporter of the Super Eagles, Victoria Ojo-Adewuyi – one of the few female respondents that followed Goal’ s twitter handle from the blast of the whistle till the end could not hide her feelings about the way the African champions approached the game. Distressed at the way the Eagles played she rumbled; “This is the critical question! How far can we go with this type of play?,” she asked rhetorically via @volayide,  before suggesting what looks like a solution. “Can I be honest? Our squad needs to play better!”
However, some  share the confidence that no matter how the Super Eagles play, they will put up a brilliant show in the South American country as expressed by Alabo Nabo Jr. “I’m sticking with quarter final,” wrote @AfrikaSoulchyld.
A majority 36.8% think that Nigeria will not even make it out of the group stages, while 29.8% were slightly more optimistic as they indicated a semi-final exit. But there was a positive response from 20% of fans polled, as they believe the gold is possible, while the rest (14%) think they will reach the final but fall short of being champions.
Nigeria’s best outing at the quadrennial football showpiece was recorded at the 1994 and 1998 World Cups where they bowed out of the second round to European opposition – Italy and Denmark respectively.

As the celebration continues, how high do you think the Super Eagles will fly at the 20th Fifa World Cup in Brazil? ----------------------

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