Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Button says McLaren has resources to attain success in 2014

Button says McLaren has resources to attain success in 2014

Button says McLaren has resources to attain success in 2014
London: Jenson Button has defended McLaren and their under-pressure team principal, Martin Whitmarsh, after their failure to win a single podium place this season for the first time since 1980, and backed them to do a better job next year.

Button`s fourth place in the Brazilian Grand Prix - the team`s best result - failed to disguise another desperately disappointing year, in which their only success was to beat Force India to finish fifth in the constructors` championship, a little matter of 474 points behind the champions, Red Bull, and almost 200 points behind fourth-placed Lotus.

According to The Guardian, Button said that his result at Brazil had `put a smile on everyone`s face`, adding that even though his side is having a tough time this year, he believes that McLaren`s management will make sure that the team is going to do a good job next year.

Button, who became the most experienced British F1 driver on Sunday with 247 starts, denied McLaren will replicate the decline of the leading British team of the 1980s, Williams, as unlike the side, they have resources, although he admitted that they need to be managed correctly and positioned in the right place.

Button, who says he will have a new data engineer next year, believes there could be more fresh faces like Kevin Magnussen as well as Red Bull`s head of aerodynamics, Peter Prodromou, who, he believes, would be instrumental in McLaren`s success in 2014.

The 2009 champion also said that they are excited about the fact that F1 will switch from 2.4 litre V8 engines to 1.6 litre turbocharged V6s next year, which he added will be good for every side, except Red Bull. ANI -----------------

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