Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Moyes: Januzaj can learn from Messi behaviour

Moyes: Januzaj can learn from Messi behaviour

Moyes: Januzaj can learn from Messi behaviour

The 18-year-old was stamped on by Sascha Riether on Saturday - with the Football Association charging the Fulham man - and his boss says he can learn from the Argentine's approach

Manchester United manager David Moyes has called for more protection for Adnan Januzaj following Sascha Riether's stamp on the youngster, but claims the Belgian can learn from the attitude of Lionel Messi.

The Fulham man was charged with violent conduct by the Football Association on Monday following United’s 3-1 win at Craven Cottage, and the Scot feels the 18-year-old is being targeted by opposition players.

"I hadn't seen it until after the game, the view from the dugout made it impossible to see, but it's a bad stamp and it does look deliberate,” Moyes told reporters.

"It's over now but I do think Adnan is going to need a little bit more protection or we are going to find he is getting kicked up and down. I do think he deserves a little bit more than he is getting at this time."

The United boss also revealed that he has told Januzaj to take note of Barcelona star Lionel Messi’s ability to ride heavy challenges and learn from increased attention.

He continued: "We have spoken to him about it. I have got to say he gets kicked up and down in training every day and gets on with it,” Moyes said. “He's learned from the good professionals that he's got to get on with it.

"He only needs to look at Lionel Messi who is probably the best in the world at getting kicked, getting up and getting on with it and continuing to produce magic all the time.

"I'm not in any way comparing Adnan to Lionel Messi, so don't be saying that, but I'm certainly saying the way Lionel Messi gets up after being kicked, we hope that's the way Adnan continues to behave too.

"Somewhere along the line if he is going to continue playing in the fashion and style we want he'll need to get protection. It's up to referees to do what they think is right." --------------

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